Old Fashioned Parade

Of all of our parade pictures taken on the 4th of July, this one of me holding Cybil with the kids in front and behind is my favorite. Over the past 8 years, I’ve learned to do nearly everything with a baby on my hip, toddler in toe and and now big kids leading the way. Baby C needed some extra love as the parade started right at her nap time, so together we went. Being a mother has taught me how to be a part of something bigger than myself. Opportunities usually don’t come when it’s easy or when it’s convenient and we have the time, and don’t fall within our comfort zone. Making the decision to run for office certainly wasn’t any of those things for our family. But, sometimes in life we all find a way to pick the baby up, stand up a little taller, get to work and enjoy the ride!

And what a great ride the parade was. I’m so glad we chose to enter a campaign float. It takes a lot to literally put yourself out there in front of thousands of people in your city’s hottest and most anticipated event. The sense of community can’t be beaten. My only regret was not getting to see the rest of the parade. But from what I’ve heard it was awesome.

Parade Prep




My mom and Aubrey spent a couple days sewing Barber Poles and banners for the float. You know we couldn’t resist a chance to capitalize on a theme! Luke jimmy-rigged, assembled and disassembled countless times.

The morning of I was walking the kids and my nephews over to meet Luke, just as I thought my arms would give out carrying the baby in her car seat, I heard “Hey, is that the Candidate Michelle Barber!?” and turned to see none other than our Big D, my favorite heavy-lifting brother, just at the exact moment I needed him! Always.

A few things my brother Jake loves are crowds, heat, and traffic (not!). And yet, there he and his wife Kori were, driving the mobile Barber Shop.

And it wouldn’t be one of our events without a bit of chaos. At the last minute, we realized the truck was on EMPTY (long story!). Luckily more supportive family lives nearby and I was overjoyed and laughed my head off when my uncle Kib showed up on his four wheeler with two tanks of gas, saving the day and earning his campaign hat!

My awesome cousin Karen and her family are the most supportive bunch of people ever. In spite of their car breaking down, they drove from Boise to see Dallin rock the part of Chef Louis in Kaysville’s Little Mermaid play, cheer us on in the parade and join our post-festivities party. (You know how those candidates are that import out-of-town supporters are! Haha.)

The list goes on, thank you to everyone who is there for us, cheers for us, and is willing to be part of this and every journey with us.



When I discussed running for city council with my dad I confided in him my hesitation to take on something big right now during this trying time with his health. Even though he is weak and no always himself he told me in no uncertain terms “When you feel a conviction, you go for it!” and that being able to watch me pursue this dream was the best thing for him. It means the world to have him and my mom and the rest of our family close. Being united together in a cause is maybe exactly what we need.


It was so fun walking the streets as a family, meeting many even for a moment.

This picture of Jetta and I made me laugh! I hope she’s always so happy to be with her energetic mother!


The best is that there’s no me or you, just us.


“Vote Michelle Barber!” repeated 1,000x.



Designing sweet swag is one of my favorite things. It was fun to see the cutest kids ever sporting our hats. The combs were a hit and I think the adults in the crowd liked that for once they were the target. And little Ross even dumped an entire 5 lb bag of candy in the middle of the road to some really lucky participants! (headshake) More swag available if you didn’t catch any.


It was a great day and a great push to our campaign leading up to the vote in the fall. #bethechangekaysville










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