Cal is Turning 60!

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Hi Friends and Family,
As a family, we thought we would update you on our dad. Cal is turning 60 this Sunday, June 11!!! What an impressive 60 years he’s led and what a gift to have him here with us.

As all of you know, my dad’s health challenges have really increased over the past few months. You can keep up on what I’ve written and will keep writing about him on my blog here. All of you also know our family loves to celebrate and to party. The past few months we’ve bounced ideas and plans back and forth about how to throw an event worthy of his 60 years milestone and for our gratitude that he is in our lives. But plans change.
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We are so thankful that dad is home right now. We’re appreciative of all the prayers offered on his and our behalf. While he’s been able to stay out of the hospital he is very weak and every day his body and mind are more impacted by the incurable side effects of his transplants and liver disease. He’s not up to a big party, and that is ok. We celebrated his birthday early at a Richards family reunion last weekend and we’ll have a small immediate family celebration on Sunday with him. And we will pass on your love to him.
If you could send an email to me at with a memory with my dad or letter about your experiences with him or just a birthday wish I’d really appreciate it. I am assembling them in a book I’ll give him soon. Or you can text me at 8015400510. I’d also love to come pick up a handwritten note if that works better.
I hope we have many more days with my dad and I hope he gets to enjoy them all. We appreciate your prayers and support of him and my dear mom as she is taking such excellent care of the guy we so love and admire.
Thank you for your friendship!

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