10 Reasons Not to Blog

1. What do I have to say?

Sure I have ideas, thoughts I’ve wanted to document and share. But there are so many brilliant people out there, with probably even better ideas and thoughts, so I should let them do the talking.

2. People will criticize.

We’ve all done it. Smirked at someone’s writings and vulnerability. Maybe even called our friend up “Can you believe she posted that!?” Way easier to stay safe and not put yourself out there.

3. Blogging is so 2008.

Yeah we all tried that. We’ve moved on to easier and more instant modes of journaling and sharing.

4. I don’t have time.

I’m busy, you know.

5. Writing is hard.

Snapping pictures and adding catchy captions is easy. Taking thoughts and ideas and turning them into words on a screen is hard.

6. Supposed danger.

Aren’t we supposed to be worried about stalkers finding out where we live and taking over our lives? I think I read a news story about it 7 years ago.

7. Hold on while I assume my identity.

You’ve got to BE something, not just you, you know.

8. No one will read it.

Even scarier; what if they do?

9. Can’t be final until it’s perfect.

I have to make sure everything is just right before going for it. Because I’m a designer so this should look, like legit, and I’m a copywriter, so I should not be using the word ‘like’, and probably not so many commas.  

10. What if I fail?

What if this becomes another project I’ve started and not completed to my expectations? Highly risky. Too risky, in fact.

1 Reason to Blog

It feels like the right thing to do right now.



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