Month: March 2016

Talk About Your Blessings


I saw this image Gina posted on her FaceBook a few months ago, how perfectly fitting for her life.

The world lost a beautiful woman this week. I was blessed to be mostly an observer of Gina’s the past few years, lucky witness her strength and the amazing way she supported her family. Never wanting extra attention on herself, never letting on how difficult I’m sure it was for her to be there, but always there and with that little smile, radiating cheer and absolute gratitude for the gift of attending that birthday party or baby blessing or the chance to drive a grandchild from one activity to the next, or whatever the occasion was. I hope that when my trials, both big and small, come that I can remember her positive and faithful outlook and the downright toughness she held onto until the very end. I am thankful she now has relief from her pain and for the blessing of eternal families. But the world will miss her and I will miss getting to see her. May the Lord bless her family.