Piano…Here! (Please)

The Goal: Raise bright, motivated and cultured children and musicians.


The Problem: No piano.


The Solution: The Brigham Larson Piano Giveaway!


Hi, we’re the Barbers.


We are a young, blessed family who love…pretty much everything. Today I’m going to tell you about our love of music. My husband and I have made an effort to introduce music to our children since birth. We sing and dance throughout the day, rely on music as a strong part of our bedtime routine, have opted for album after album of music instead of movies on most road trips, take our family to the symphony, ballet, plays and other exposures to the arts as often as we can and try to always share our appreciation for all kinds of expression available to us.
All three of our kids at their first symphonies. 


We are devoted to raising a generation of musicians. Neither my husband nor I are much of musicians ourselves. (I no longer refer to us as “not musically talented” as I believe everyone has musical talent if nurtured.) I took a few years of piano in my pre-teen years on the side of playing many sports and live to fulfill my mother’s prophecy of regretting not continuing with it further. My husband was also mostly involved in athletics and wishes he had better taken advantage of the guitar lessons he was offered – but we’re glad he is taking it back up! While we both still have a passion for athletics and value the lessons that can be learned through team sports, we know that time will come. The time for igniting and nurturing a love and appreciation of the gift and heritage of music is now.


Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 10.15.04 PM



I’m thankful as I look at our ever-filling schedule full of great opportunities for our family. Each of our children start with music and singing class at three years old, our youngest will start next year. Since then we’ve progressed to private violin for our seven year old daughter, which she looks forward to each week. (And as her at-home teacher I have spent many nights practicing the note flashcards I had to make for myself and placing video calls to my sister for help with rhythm and chords so I’m ready for practice the next day.) She and our four year old daughter are also enrolled in a three year music program. This first year is teaching tone through singing and bells, introducing staff awareness and rhythm, and even music reading. (All of this has been so beneficial – especially for me!) The second and third years will focus on keyboarding. (That’s where this contest comes in.) That in addition to dance, tumbling, Chinese immersion and more. We also have plans for our second daughter to start private cello and are excited to find which instrument best fits our son and also our fourth baby coming in April that we can’t wait to meet.


With all these instruments in our home there is one centerpiece, one nucleus, one heart to our trio soon-to-be quartet that is missing. The piano. It’s been on our list to acquire since we’ve been married. It’s just never felt right. We’ve shopped, browsed classifieds, and visited estate sales at length. We even brought home a piano to refurbish and could tell, even as untrained musicians, that it was not the quality piece we wanted our children tuning their instruments and ears to, so we sent it on its way.


Let me introduce you to our music room:


A lot of time spent practicing, reading and serenading in this room and many memories still to be made.




You could say we’ve got the perfect spot all ready for the piano you’re giving away! 


We’ll even give our budding musicians a chance to serenade you with their impromptu concert:

 You have got to really give it to that imaginary pianist and singer – imagine what she could do with a real piano!

Being the lucky recipients of the piano Brigham Larson is graciously giving away would be a dream come true. I can’t even imagine the excitement our children would have to see it being delivered and finally know the answer to the question I am asked daily; “When are we getting a piano?” It would mean confidence that our family has an instrument to learn on and fill our home with joy and music for a lifetime. It would mean the world to us.
Their faces say it all…






(And thank you.)


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